Booming IT sector of India

IT is driven by innovation, and every wink of a second, you find new developments happening somewhere in this world. Earlier, only developed economies, notably the USA was leading the innovation race. However, from the past few years, even developing economies is picking pace and are not behind in grabbing newer opportunities in innovation and product transformation, translating to more number of jobs in these emerging segments.

According to a new study, India is leading the IT race among all the emerging economies, generating a surplus of opportunities. This survey has identified the country’s five most attractive IT professions that are trending the job market currently.  Accordingly, this survey has thrown open some interesting insights to draw our attention:

  • Technology roles in India have been burgeoning consistently over the past five years, as more companies are enhancing their IT strengths.
  • Employers are ready to pay for top-notch talent in the areas of development, analytics, and data.
  • An increase in technology jobs by 8% in five years from February 2014 to February 2019.
  • The dramatic increase of technology jobs by over 31% in the past year, 2018 itself.
  • Increase in the median annual salaries of tech workers by over 1,500,000 rupees (approx. $21,100), ranking them among the highest earners in the country.
  • The concentration of the majority of jobs in large metros like Bengaluru (25%), Pune (9%), Hyderabad (8%), Chennai (7%) and Mumbai (5%).
  • Development, analytics, and data are the segments where employers are willing to pay for the top talent.

From the above insights, one can draw a clear cut conclusion that the right talent is the new engine driving the IT companies to grow.

So, guys and gals, it’s time to pull up your socks and be prepared for the next IT revolution to grab the best opportunities that come your way. Make hay while the sun shines!



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