The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a diverse branch of science, dealing with creating smart machines that can take up tasks which typically require human intelligence. Although we have been exploring AI since the 1950s, it is only in recent years that it has taken root in our daily lives, especially in sales and marketing operations. However, even as 80% of marketing executives predict that AI will revolutionise marketing by 2020, only 23% of businesses have incorporated AI into their processes and offerings today.

The delayed realisation of the potential of Artificial intelligence in digital marketing can cost these businesses their positions in their respective industries. Don’t believe us? Here’s how AI is revolutionising the future of digital marketing.

AI Predicts the Behaviour of Your Customer

Predictive analysis with the help of AI allows you to extract information from data and use it to predict the behaviour and purchase patterns of your customers.

E-commerce giants like Amazon have used this function of AI to effectively target their audiences and also delight them by making their purchase process easier. The ‘Recommendations’ tab that users see while on the website prompts them to buy new products based on their purchase history, while also increasing the sales of the company.

AI Gives Your Customer a Personalised Experience

It is too tedious for most businesses to hire someone to cater to all the queries and complaints of their customers 24*7. And this is where AI-powered chatbots come into play as the unbiased, always available companions of your customers.

Duolingo, the language-based learning program, realised that learning a language requires practising it. Yet, when the app connected people from different countries so that they could chat with each other and improve their language skills, the creators of the app found that people were very hesitant and uncomfortable doing so. So, they introduced their very own bot! You could chat with this bot endlessly in the language you’re learning and have the same experience that you might with a native speaker, without the added stress of embarrassing yourself or troubling someone else. Even though the bots have presently been taken down, the Dulingo spokesperson says that a better version of them is soon to be released.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Helps in Scaling Up Content Marketing

Even though marketers still prefer their content to be written by humans so that it can reach their audiences and connect with them organically, AI can be used to help with the creation until more sophisticated tools are made.

Major brands like Google and Facebook use the AI-powered platform, Acrolinx, to ensure that the different types of content that they create has the same brand voice. Acrollinx understands your guidelines of tone, voice, language, etc. and guides you while you’re writing to make changes to your content so that it suits your requirements.

Welcome 2020 with a New Digital Marketing Strategy

Employing AI in your digital marketing efforts has numerous benefits. With AI being pegged to be the face of increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability, businesses need to do everything in their power to adopt AI or face the risk of being stuck in the past.

Even though this has been said numerous times before, it bears reiterating that AI isn’t here to steal the jobs of humans, but it’s here to revolutionise their true potential. And, for this to happen, professionals should adapt themselves to the changes going around and hop on the AI bandwagon. So, if you need any proof that Artificial intelligence in digital marketing is here to stay, simply try it yourself and enjoy the results!

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