Things That You Must Know About Digital Marketing in 2020

Did you know that the global social media ad spend reached $80+ billion in 2019, making it the first year in which we spent more on social media ads than print ads? With the growing popularity and evolving use of digital marketing, the future looks set to be a digital-first one. Still, surprisingly, 45% of businesses that use digital marketing do not have a digital marketing strategy. Marketers need to understand that while educated guesses may have worked in the past, the coming decade will require an approach that is more consistent with the times.

To that end, we have curated a list of the top three trends that will help you with your marketing strategy in 2020. Read on to know more.

Get on the Chatbot Wagon

AI-powered chatbots act as 24/7 customer representatives in your stead. They save the customer’s time by answering quickly and precisely, they are always available for your customer’s queries, and their service is completely unbiased. No wonder then it has been predicted that chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions in 2020. All you need to do is make certain that you are amongst that 85 percent.

Get Close with Social Media Messaging Apps

Connecting with your customers directly on messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat is the next alternative to emails. While a lot of your emails end up in the spam folder, these personalized messages will directly reach your customer. With a digital payment interface included in many of these apps now, some major brands have already started using these private messaging channels to be more visible to their customers. For instance, flight booking websites like Goibibo and EaseMyTrip or the popular bus booking website RedBus use WhatsApp to send tickets and any updates to their customers. The users are only happy for the convenience provided by interacting on these apps.

Digital marketing in 202

Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.

While serving other purposes, what the two methods above also include is providing your customer with a more personalized experience. Personalization is no more an added thoughtful gesture, but a necessity if you want to engage and delight your customer. In fact, 72% of customers say that they will only engage with personalized messaging. However, it doesn’t stop there. Amazon, the world’s most valuable and biggest e-commerce brand, is also the embodiment of effective personalization trends. By offering its customers recommendations of what they could buy next based on their previous purchase orders, for a user, Amazon has become a personal website, tailored specifically for them.

A Look into the Future

2020 is going to be the dawn of the next phase of digital marketing. It will hold just as much importance as the year 2000 did at one point by introducing marketers and customers to big data and eBooks. To make your mark in your industry, ensure that you follow these tips and stay ahead of your competitors.

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